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If you are trying to contact us because of a charge on your credit card that appears to be from "", this is NOT US! Some Chinese scam web sites appear to be selling sports products, jerseys and other items, and when they charge peoples' cards, the charge says it's from "" but this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US. They are illegally, inappropriately putting our domain name on credit card statements. Because this is being done by people in CHINA, there is no easy way for us to stop them. PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN TO US! We are victims as well. We do not sell any jerseys. This is just a site that lists some of our clients who have their web sites hosted and use our e-commerce system. YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND CONTEST THE CHARGE and tell them that some foreign company IS LISTING AN ERRONEOUS NAME ON THEIR CHARGES.

Want information on access and professional web services? Do you want to suggest new features or sites that should be linked to our pages? Or would you like to just give us a piece of your mind? Any and all feedback is appreciated!

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